Why Insta-Pro

Why Choose Insta-Pro?


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Why Choose Insta-Pro?

When customers are introduced to the Insta-Pro story and view its equipment in action, they witness features and benefits that are noticeably absent from other food and feed processing equipment manufacturers. They hear comments from scientific organizations and leading ag-focused universities in the U.S., Canada and around the globe that repeatedly recognize Insta-Pro as the standard in high-quality, low-cost extrusion.

While many extrusion and oil press products may look similar from a distance, the operational and nutritional integrity of these imitation look-alikes reveal significant differences when taking a closer look — among them:

  • Better nutritional content
  • Better digestibility
  • Better flavor
  • Better shelf life stabilization

Insta-Pro products deliver noticeably higher standards in durability and reliability as a result of stringent structural engineering testing and parts manufacturing that requires only top-grade foundry technologies. As a result, Insta-Pro’s leadership in mechanical reliability and end-product nutritional excellence has earned a top reputation among medium to small feed and food processing enterprises.

Additional benefits that are uniquely part of the Insta-Pro line-up include:

  • An unmatched and proven history among all high shear, dry extruder suppliers
  • Consultation and project management of integrated plant operations and mechanical systems
  • On-site training and start-up assistance from service teams with decades of experience
  • Comprehensive parts inventories to expedite genuine Insta-Pro replacement parts distribution.

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