Aqua Feed and Pet Food

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Health Care Food Manufacturers PLC

Ethiopia, East Africa

“When it comes to CSB/soya oil and partially defatted soya, we have been using primarily the Insta-Pro extruders almost 22 years now,”

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Aqua Feed and Pet Food

The aquaculture and pet food industries are developing, expanding and intensifying in nearly every region of the world and are highly dependent on extrusion processes to create nutritional, stable product resources. The key is to preserve nutritional qualities that are not destroyed in the process or are resistant to digestion.

Aqua Feed

Insta-Pro nutritionists have engineered simple and affordable solutions to create exceptional food stability in water to minimize feed wastage, maximize feed intake and conversion rates and create superior buoyancy.

Pet Food

Insta-Pro’s technology team have developed flexible extrusion systems which provide optimal digestibility and palatability for the animals.

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