Don’t Bypass the By-pass Protein

I’m a “pig guy.” When I heard “by-pass protein” the first time….I just plain didn’t understand. The more I learn about it, the more intrigued I am.

As a “pig guy” I know more about animals with 1 stomach (monogastric). If you get quality nutrients in the stomach of a healthy pig, they will be absorbed in the intestines, and voila…you get a high producing animal that yields quality pork.

With ruminant animals, it’s different. There are four stomachs instead of one. As a producer, you need the nutrients to be absorbed further into the animal’s system. You want it to bypass all those stomachs and make sure the nutrients are utilized in the intestines. Then, you get high producing dairy cows. High producing can mean more milk production, more milk fat, and more milk protein. Don’t bypass those increased production possibilities.

How do you get that high-quality bypass protein? I’m glad you asked. You can get it with the Insta-Pro ExPress® system and great management parameters.

That management entails:

  • Clean, well-maintained equipment
  • Clean soybeans entering the process
  • Proper coarse grinding for a consistent extrusion
  • The proper temperature in the last chamber of the extruder

That management can help make sure your soybean meal is highly digestible and that the amino acids within it are more fully utilized. It will also decrease anti-nutritional factors such as trypsin inhibitors.  Dr. Dave Albin discussed the relationship between nutrients and digestible by-pass protein in a previous blog, Quality Nutrients – A Consistent Source of Highly Digestible Nutrients.

Unsure of how to get quality by-pass protein from the ExPress® system?  Reach out to us at Insta-Pro and we will help.

If you do your job well as the soybean processor, the producers you provide meal to will thank you. And – the cows will thank you through great yields. Just remember – don’t bypass the bypass protein.