Demand For Insta-Pro Soybean Extrusion Technology and Equipment will Continue to Grow in the Philippines

2000 Series Extruder

The Philippines is one of the world’s largest archipelago nations.  It is also one of the most Westernized nations in Southeast Asia; a unique blend of Spanish and American culture. 

Like other countries in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is no exception to currency devaluation. The Philippine Peso devaluated from 42 to almost 53 to one US dollar.  Price of major staple foods like rice, bread, pork, chicken and egg have increased, and is expected to stay on the high side because of the coming Christmas season and other Holiday celebrations.

Philippines is rich in Agriculture. As a matter of fact, 30% of the workforce is in Feed Mill, Livestock Farms, Rice & Corn fields and other agriculture-related industry. Driven by the growing population and to produce more pigs, chicken, eggs and fish; six of the top-ten biggest Feed Mills are expanding capacities to meet the demand for feeds.

Feed mills use soybeans as a major source of protein and energy. The volume of soybeans imported from the United States is expected to double this year compared to 2017. However, soybeans cannot be fed raw because it contains anti-nutritional factors and should be properly processed in order to bring down the levels of anti-nutritional factors to safe levels. The most efficient method to deactivate the anti-nutritional factors in soybeans is known as high-shear dry extrusion. High-shear dry extrusion utilizes friction as the only source of heat to achieve cooking under pressure, moisture & elevated temperature, a technology which was developed by Insta-Pro International® in the early 1960’s.

Led by the biggest feed mill and integrator, soybean extrusion technology & equipment has become a necessity in feed mill operations. No matter how the currency devaluates, the emphasis on production efficiency and cost effectiveness is pushing the demand for Insta-Pro soybean extrusion technology and equipment.

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