Continue To Improve Or Get Left Behind

When is the last time you had someone in your facility to review equipment operations and conduct staff trainings to insure optimum product output?  Our staff regularly conducts these types of visits as part of the Support Plus Program. And earlier this year, I had the opportunity to join our service team and revisit facilities we commissioned almost four years ago.

During the review, we noticed opportunities for equipment optimization as well as process improvements.  We worked with the customer to identify these areas and continue to improve their current plant and design plans for a future expansion.  We had a pleasant visit and were impressed with the operations staff and what they had achieved over the years.

But at the same time, the customer was able to benefit from our team’s outside perspective.  Sometimes we are too close to things, to see where improvements can be made.   By working with companies like ours, you can commission them to provide you insights on how to improve your processes, offerings, or your own your team’s knowledge.

In four years since commissioning the plant, we have had the opportunity to not only implement learnings from them, but to also take those best practices and apply them towards other facilities.  In doing this, we strive to offer the best knowledge, know how, and customer service we can, all the while trying to improve.

Our goal is to never be complacent.  Continuing to operate without improvement or change will cause your company to be left behind as competition advances.  Challenge your current ways of thinking.  This will lead to improvements in efficiency, productivity, and more.

If you have any thoughts or considerations for improving your facility, please contact our engineering team.

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