Is My TSP Still Good?

Recently my wife decided to make black bean chili soup with rice.  It was very good, but I thought it could use something more since it was a bit watery.  So, I dug into our pantry and found a container with some ExPress® Textured Soy Protein (TSP) chunks that I had taken from our R&D department a while back and decided to throw some in to add protein and soak up some of the extra juice.  My wife noticed that it had been in the pantry for several months, so she asked me if the TSP was still good. I thought, this was a very good question that I’m sure many of our customers also want to know the answer to – What is the typical shelf life of ExPress® TSP?

The actual answer is that it depends on how it is stored.  This TSP was stored in an air tight container in a normal kitchen pantry, always between 62-72 degrees F (16-22 C).  I smelled it, took of bite of the dry TSP determined there was nothing wrong with it.

A couple days later, I asked Dr. Dave Albin to send me some literature we have on ExPress ®TSP shelf-life since Insta-Pro is very good at using 3rd party data to back up their claims.  Like clockwork, he provided me with a study done by the Center for Crop Utilization at Iowa State University.  This study estimates TSP stored at 68 degrees F (20 C) to have a shelf life of 1.7 years!

Also of interest, it was found that ExPress® meal has a shelf life of 3.4 years and ExPress® soy flour has a shelf life of an astounding 10 years. In practice, you would not do this, but it makes the point that soy products produced with the Insta-Pro ExPress® technology has exceptional shelf life. The stability of all of these products is attributed to low moisture content and natural anti-oxidants that are present after the extrusion process.

Keep in mind that these values are for ExPress® products only, meaning that our products vary from many other types. If you are interested in learning more about increasing the shelf life of your product, send us a message.

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