Why You Should Formulate with ExPress® Soy Meal

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The ExPress® process, using equipment and know-how from Insta-Pro International, is unique and results in the production of a novel version of soy meal. Given that feeding trials and research on high-shear dry extrusion of soy, followed by mechanical oil pressing to extract oil and make ExPress® meal, have been conducted for decades now, let’s look at some key findings from published articles and blogs, and how this information can be used when formulating poultry diets:

  1. Effects of Extrusion and Expelling on the Nutritional Quality of Conventional and Kunitz Trypsin Inhibitor-Free Soybeans by Ye Zhang, Carl M. Parsons, Karl E. Weingartner, Wilmot B. Wijeratne
    1. This study identified that dry extrusion of soybeans at higher temperatures resulted in better quality soy meal for broilers. As dry extrusion temperature increased, growth performance increased, amino acid digestibility was improved, and metabolizable energy content increased, even though residual oil in the meal declined.
  2. Chemical composition and nutritional quality of soybean meals prepared by extruder/expeller processing for use in poultry diets by Lisa K. Karr-Lilienthal, Laura L. Bauer, Pam L. Utterback, Krista E. Zinn, Rodney L. Frazier, Carl M. Parsons, George C. Fahey Jr
    1. This study, also with broiler chickens, showed that dry extrusion with temperatures as high as 165℃ did not diminish amino acid digestibility. In fact, at the highest processing temperatures, amino acid digestibilities were maximized, and certain indicators of processing quality, such as KOH solubility, were shown to be of no value with the ExPress® process. Finally, this study obtained samples of ExPress® soy meal from the field and found that variation in product quality existed; so, understanding meal quality at each processing plant is important.
  3. Standardized ileal amino acid digestibility in dry-extruded expelled soybean meal, extruded canola seed-pea, feather meal, and poultry by-product meal for broiler chickens by Bandegan, E. Kiarie, R. L. Payne, G. H. Crow, W. Guenter, C. M. Nyachoti
    1. ExPress® meal in broilers contained highly digestible amino acids for broilers when compared to other common ingredients, including other extruded ingredients.
  4. Growth performance of male broilers fed ExPress Soybean meal and high-shear dry extruded corn by M. M. Meyer, E. A. Bobeck
    1. Broilers fed ExPress® soy meal exhibited improved feed conversion ratio and grew faster than those fed commodity, solvent-extracted soybean meal.
  5. Better Soy Meal for Layers – Same Egg Production, More Feed Efficiency, Lower Diet Costs by Dave Albin
    1. Layers fed ExPress® soy meal exhibited improved feed conversion (slightly larger egg mass on slightly reduced feed intake) versus those fed commodity, solvent-extracted soybean meal.
  6. ExPress® Formulation Summary:
    1. Improved amino acid digestibility may allow the reduction or removal of common synthetic amino acids, like L-lysine and DL-methionine.
    2. Higher metabolizable energy almost always allows additional fats and oils, like AV blend and veg oils, to be reduced or removed.
      1. Often, these formulation changes will reduce total diet costs.
    3. Even with reduced diet costs, performance gains are often also noted when ExPress® soy meal is used in poultry diets.

Please work with us on your specific formulation situation and better understand why you should formulate with ExPress® soy meal.

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