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Cooling is a very important step in the processing of oilseeds & grains. Sometimes, a customer might not appreciate how critical it is to the total process. In Latin America, we have very warm and humid locations which makes cooling all the more important.

Insta-Pro has improved our line of coolers with a new counter flow cooler to offer our clients. This new counterflow cooler is of a vertical design, which is one of the main differences with the horizontal counter flow cooler we offer.

“The cylindrical design allows for even product distribution for even cooling,” says Senior Process Engineer Jason Buseman. “The ducted inlet allows cooler, outside air to be used to cool the product instead of hot, ambient, factory air. The radial exhaust helps eliminate uneven exhaust flow, which further ensures even product cooling.”

This new vertical counter flow cooler also has a much larger capacity than the horizontal design. The new vertical design comes in two models: 6004 and 6008. The first model has a capacity of up to 3393 kg/hr while the 6008 model has a capacity of 6786 kg/hr.

The key difference in these two designs, is that the new vertical design has approximately 4 times more retention time than the horizontal design. This will cool better for Latin America and other hot locations.

Another important factor to take into consideration when deciding whether to go horizontal or the new vertical design is space. The horizontal option requires a larger footprint and is lower in height, while the vertical takes up less floorspace, but is taller.

Below is a chart comparing the main differences:

Horizontal Drum Coolers New Counter flow Cooler
Capacity Has 4 model starting at 455kg/hr up to 2727kg/hr Has 2 models: one of 3393 kg/h and

the other one of 6786 kg/hr

Retention Approximately 5 minutes Approximately 20 minutes
Space Requires more length less height Requires less floorspace, but more height
Design Horizontal Vertical

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