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What We Specialize In

Insta-Pro is a global market leader in manufacturing equipment for medium- to smaller-sized feed and food processors. Notably, Insta-Pro invented and patented the technology for high shear (dry) extruders used in processing crop resources into dietary ingredients for livestock and finished feed for pets and fish. Extrusion systems also convert consumable products for humans — cereals, snacks, soy flour, meat extenders, corn-soy blends and other nutritionally fortified products.

Insta-Pro also manufactures oil presses which extract oil from seeds such as soybeans, cottonseeds, sunflowers, canola and more. The oil and meal by-products gained from this process have many uses in food industries as well as oil-based manufacturing processes.

Insta-Pro products are especially beneficial to geographic areas where crops are abundant and can be processed nearby — eliminating freight costs to remote processing facilities. In addition, local processing operations greatly enhance the sustainability of developing countries, reduce dependence on imported food and feed and provide local employment opportunities.

One additional benefit to be noted is that all Insta-Pro extrusion and oil press processes are chemical-free and environmentally safe.

Extrusion Applications

  • Oilseeds (soybean, cottonseed, canola, sunflower, peanuts, etc.)
  • Rice bran stabilization
  • Animal feed (pets, fish, swine, poultry, etc.)
  • Human food (cereal, snack bars, soy flour, textured soy protein, corn-soy blends, etc.)

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