Timely rotation of the inlet screws will increase the service life of these parts.

Soybean meal in swine diets optimize production, profitability
Add 1 More Flock/ Year to Your Current Operation
Our Parts Team Has The Answer
Jonathan Kingsbury; President & CEO
Jonathan Kingsbury; President & CEO

Processing Technologies For Food & Feed

Insta-Pro International® offers customers in over 100 countries custom tailored solutions for converting raw materials to ingredients and final products in addition to service throughout the life of our products.

“We got references that told us the Insta-Pro extruders were very good, very robust,” says Juan Carlos, Livestock Division Manager. That led the company to invest in Model 2000 Extruders, which Avicola Sofia installed in 2011 to process soybeans into meal for their livestock feed manufacturing operations. …Read More

Soy Processing at Avicola Sofia Bolivia

“The Insta-Pro extruders are highly efficient and versatile. They can do many things and give us a better quality product. We get continuous use from them without breakdowns, and they have a longer life compared to competitors. The most proven advantage of the Insta-Pro extruders is its reliability and the maintenance of high capacity utilization.”…Read More

Fortified Blended Foods at Health Care Food Manufacturers, PLC Ethiopia

“It gives a good, consistent product. We started with one extruder and we now have eight. We added four of the presses Insta-Pro has to squeeze the oil out.” “They have a real strong knowledge of their product and nutritional quality as well as a lot of good people and resources to give you proper direction for pursuing the extrusion process.”…Read More

Soy Processing at Ag Commodities United States

“We did our due diligence and looked at a lot of different pieces of equipment, including Insta-Pro,” says Ted Durfey, a canola farmer and processor. “We went with Insta- Pro because they offered service, service, service…Read More

High Oilseed Processing at Natural Selection Farms United States

“In general, using this Insta-Pro technology for our by-products allows us to save up to 25% in our feed costs and solve environmental problems. Since the start-up of our Insta-Pro equipment in 2002, it has never let us down.” shares hog processor Mr. Fyodor Romanovsky.  …Read More

By-Product Processing at JSC Lazarevskoye Russia
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Why Insta-Pro International®

Customers choose Insta-Pro International® to obtain reliable easy to operate equipment which operates for decades. As well, customers prefer our technical expertise which is backed by over 45 years of university testing resulting in optimized end products with high digestibility and performance.

Our approach is to collaborate with you to clearly define your objectives, provide quick and honest responses with the overall goal to be your complete solution provider.





We are committed to being a full partner by offering:

  • New product ideas and development with access to nutritionists, technical staff and the development testing center
  • Feasibility analysis tailored for each customer’s operation
  • Supplier of complete plant solutions
  • Engineering for plant layouts and installation supervision
  • Nutritional services to ensure optimized product output and maximized value
  • Technical support for plant commissioning and ongoing service
  • Market connections to raw ingredient suppliers, lenders, business partners and consumers

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