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Mechanical Processing Solutions

Insta-Pro International® provides chemical-free processing solutions to customers in over 100 countries for producing optimized ingredients that are used in livestock and poultry feeds, vegetable oils and soy food products. In addition, our extruders produce shaped feeds such as pet food and fish feed. Insta-Pro extruders work through heat created by friction and a sudden drop in pressure. This ingenuity to cook, gelatinize, expand, texturize, sterilize and deactivate anti-nutritional factors has created an infinite number of opportunities in the food and feed industry.

Extruded Feed Ingredients

Feed Ingredients

Producing  solutions for animal feeds, such as extruded soybeans, has been the core of our business for over 50 years. Our extruders stabilize and sterilize animal by-products such as fish waste, tomato pomace and other vegetable by-products creating value-added feed ingredients.  In addition, high shear dry extrusion stabilizes rice bran to deactivate enzymes increasing shelf life and market value.


  • Full-Fat Soy
  • By-Products
  • Rice Bran
  • Cooked Grains
Extruded Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

For decades, Insta-Pro International® has transformed grains and oilseeds into chemical-free nutritionally enhanced products, such as textured soy protein.  Together with world-wide aid organizations, we have forged numerous initiatives to bolster food security in developing countries resulting in long-lasting food products fortified with minerals, vitamins and/or flavorings to supplement dietary needs.


  • Partially defatted ExPress® Soy Flour
  • Refined Vegetable Oils
  • TSP – Textured Soy Protein
  • CSB – Corn Soy Blend
  • FBF – Fortified Blended Foods
  • Cereals
  • Rice Bran
Oil Seeds

Oilseed Processing

Backed by over 45 years of university and independent research,  Insta-Pro International® chemical-free ExPress® Systems are easy to operate and suitable for all oilseeds.  This is the technology of choice by processors around the world for organic and identity preserved seeds.  Coupling High Shear Dry Extrusion with continuous mechanical oil pressing, the ExPress® System allows you to effectively separate natural oil from a variety of oilseeds resulting in high quality oil and meal for use in food and feed applications.


  • Soybeans
  • Cottonseed
  • Sunflower Seed
  • Canola Seed
  • Rapeseed
  • Mustard Seed
  • Flaxseed
  • Peanuts
  • Hemp
Pet Food

Shaped Products

The medium shear single screw extruder offers a unique combination of quality output and low capital investment making it a cost effective solution for processing premium shaped products.

Flexibility to produce a wide variety of shapes and sizes are  key features of this technology, with ability to make pellets as small as 1.5mm.

The resulting products are lower in post-extruded moisture, requiring less drying. Which provide benefits of less nutrient degradation and reduced operational and capital costs.


  • Fish Feed – Floating & Sinking
  • Pet Food
  • Shaped Animal Feeds
  • Horse Feed

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