Our durable, high-shear dry extruders are engineered for minimal down time providing decades of reliable use while achieving the highest digestibility of amino acids and metabolizable energy of any extruder on the market.

• Generate heat through friction to cook, expand, sterilize, stabilize, dehydrate and texturize.
• Dependable, tested design that results in quality nutritional feed & food ingredients

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9000 Series Extruder

Insta-Pro Model 9000 high-shear dry extruder maximizes oil-seed product value. Ideal for organic, specialty and identity-preserved oilseeds. The Insta-Pro model 9000 extruder is an innovative, chemical-free processing solution providing a nutrient-dense product with exceptional ROI for producers of meat, milk and eggs.


  • Wall-mount control panel with digital readout & AC frequency drive
  • Volumetric feeder (over the top or side feeder available)
  • Sturdy, compact design
  • Sleeved barrel
  • CAPACITY: 7,500-8,000 lbs./hr. (3,400 – 3,636 kg./hr.)
High Shear Dry Extruder

2000 Series Extruder

Insta-Pro’s most popular and versatile model, the 2000 extruder can be used independently or paired with an Insta-Pro oil press to make ExPress® products or equipped with steam Preconditioners to make feed ingredients or textured proteins. The Model 2000 extruder maximizes oilseed product value and is ideal for organic, specialty and identity-preserved oilseeds.


  • Use with Insta-Pro presses to create the ExPress® System for
    producing mechanically extracted oils and meals for use in feed & food
  • Rigid compact construction
  • Wall-mount control panel or PLC based control system
  • Optional: Preconditioners for enhanced full-fat soy production

*Actual capacities will vary based on raw materials and processing parameters.

2000-CG Extruder

The Model 2000-CG high-shear dry extruder maximizes starch product value.  Specifically designed to improve the feeding value of cereal grains.


  • Water injection system
  • Equipped with full articulation swingarm with cutter-head
  • Alternative to Steam-Flaking
2000-CG Extruder

600 Series Extruder

The Model 600 maximizes oilseed product value. Ideal for organic, specialty and identity
preserved oilseeds.


  • Economical commercial model
  • Ideal for universities and institutions
  • Lower-volume output ideal for cost-conscious customers
  • Engineered for food and feed ingredients
  • Single, over-the-top volumetric feeder with agitator
  • Side-mount volumetric feeder

*Actual capacities will vary based on die size, raw materials, and processing parameters.

MS 3000 Extruder

The MS3000, Medium Shear Extruder, is designed for processing textured and shaped products such as textured soy protein, pet food and fish feed.  The extruder combined with proper preconditioning allows for flow conditions within the barrel that enhances the final product shape.


  • Ideal for small- to medium-volume applications
  • Easy start up and installation
  • Uniform pellet with wide range of sizes available
  • 43% less moisture to remove

 *Actual capacities will vary based on die size, raw materials, and processing parameters.

Extruder MS3000

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“It gives a good, consistent product. We started with one extruder and we now have eight. We added four of the presses Insta-Pro has to squeeze the oil out.” “They have a real strong knowledge of their product and nutritional quality as well as a lot of good people and resources to give you proper direction for pursuing the extrusion process.”

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