Process Technologies


Human food processing has been an Insta-Pro specialty for decades, beginning with a foundation in supplementary food products — blends of cereals and legumes used in nutrition intervention initiatives like the World Food Program.

Insta-Pro equipment transforms raw crop ingredients into fat-reduced soy flour, vegetable oils, meat extenders and substitutes, textured soy protein (TSP), corn soy blends (CSB), cereals, and many other nutritionally-enhanced products.


The ingenuity of Insta-Pro extruders to cook the product, gelatinize starch, deactivate anti-nutritional factors and reduce microbial loads purely by heat of friction and process-pressure differential has opened the door of infinite opportunities for food and feed processing enterprises, especially for decentralized, rural areas across the planet.

Animal feed processing is the core of Insta-Pro production capabilities. Creating high value / low cost feed solutions for small- to mid-sized agribusinesses is a daily passion shared by Insta-Pro sales associates in all corners of the planet.