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Advanced Services of Insta-Pro


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Advanced Services of Insta-Pro


Insta-Pro International is pleased to announce leasing solutions are now available for agribusiness customers in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.  Through our partnership with Innovare Advisors LLC and VAELL, agribusinesses will have a viable financing option of a capital lease (lease to own). PROGRAM INFORMATION


Screw AnalysisInsta-Pro replacement parts are warehoused in locations across the globe to expedite shipping and minimize customer downtime. Wear parts have a limited lifespan, and Insta-Pro encourages preventative maintenance regimens to ensure trouble-free operations and final product of highest quality. Insta-Pro replacement parts provide the superior foundry quality, dependability and long-lasting performance customers expect.

Insta-Pro also offers warrantied factory-rebuilt equipment and used equipment to accommodate any budgeting need.

Read the study regarding the wear rate of our parts versus competitors.


Insta-Pro process experts can provide project engineering to fit any scale of operation. From total plant installations to smaller village-sized enterprises, Insta-Pro personnel can create a model of efficiency and productivity to maximize your investment and minimize costs. Complete layout and schematic drawings are available to bring your project vision to fruition.


Insta-Pro equipment is known throughout the industry for its dependable, long-lasting construction. Scheduled maintenance helps extend the reliability of each product. Insta-Pro product engineering makes it easy for customers to make repairs themselves in the unlikely case of a breakdown. Training for those maintenance tasks are demonstrated onsite during the equipment commissioning process and additional counsel is always available via phone at the Insta-Pro Customer Service center. On-site service is also available from certified Insta-Pro technicians to perform routine maintenance and repairs.


The Insta-Pro Research and Development Testing Center is an invaluable resource that offers customers initial testing results regarding product formulation and composition, digestibility and nutritional content for aquatic feed, pet foods, by-products and oilseeds. The extrusion process can affect the physical and nutritional properties of a variety of products. R&D testing can customize products to exact specifications to meet the needs of each application and desired performance expectations.


With decades of expertise to create unique, quality, custom solutions for their needs, Insta-Pro customers have access to knowledgeable nutritionists. Insta-Pro’s alliances with international research institutes and university laboratories, in addition to Insta-Pro staff nutritionists, provide the groundwork for innovation to help customers maximize the quality and efficacy of the product output.


Service after the sale is the cornerstone of the way Insta-Pro does business. Service technicians are on-site with customers on day one to ensure a timely and productive operations start-up. Customers receive training on all components of the equipment, procedural instruction and safety requirements. The job is not done until the equipment is fully operational and the customer is completely satisfied.


Insta-Pro is committed to the most outstanding customer service we can give because that is our business. The Service Plus program is a discount program which will send one of our technicians to your site for one, two or three days. We also offer optional training programs at the Insta-Pro headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. We want to make sure you are completely comfortable operating your Insta-Pro equipment. Contact Ray Goodwin, Start-Up Service Manager, at +515-205-4719 or your regional sales director to learn how we can better serve YOU!

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