About Us

Based in Iowa, Insta-Pro International develops industry-leading equipment for producing chemical-free livestock and poultry feed ingredients, vegetable oils and soy food products. We partner with university and independent researchers to optimize world-class nutritional value for achieving ultimate animal performance. Insta-Pro International is committed to leading the industry around the world in continuously improving quality, 
output and efficiency for our customers.

Our History

Soybean harvests in the heartland of the United States were abundant, but farmers lacked the ability to process on-farm crops into nutritional animal feed. Insta-Pro International® was founded to fill that gap, inventing and patenting the industry’s first high-shear dry extruder. Today, our extruders are utilized around the world to cook, sterilize, stabilize, texturize and expand oilseeds, grains and by-products.

After the success of our first extruder, additional products were developed to enhance and advance extrusion processes, as well as the addition of mechanical oil presses. An extruder-and-oil-press combination created our ExPress® System for chemical-free processing of oilseeds into high-quality meal and oil that can be used in many manufacturing industries.

Additionally, we added a medium-shear extruder to our line to process shaped products such as pet food and fish feed. Today, more than forty years later, Insta-Pro International® systems are hard at work on six continents: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Our Commitment

Every person at Insta-Pro International has a deep passion to improve lives around the world. By providing top-quality, durable and easy-to-use equipment as well as exceptional customer support, we solve our customers’ processing problems with optimized solutions. We are committed to responding to customers quickly, because their success is our top priority.


Our promise

Nurturing Every Bit of Good


Our mission

We help our customers build their businesses and optimize their feed and food by providing innovative, science-based extrusion processing solutions


Our vision

We build trust through responsible actions, open collaboration, and lasting relationships.

We benefit the world through improved nutrition and sustainable businesses.

We offer proven, science-based solutions utilizing high-quality equipment.

We are invested in the growth and profitability of our customers.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jonathan Kingsbury
President & CEO

Joined the Team: 2021

Karl Arnold
V.P. Sales & Marketing

Joined the Team: 1983

Oz Grimm
V.P. Engineering & Operations

Joined the Team: 1978

Dave Albin
V.P. Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies

Joined the Team: 2013

Joanne Nikles
V.P. HR & Administration

Joined the Team: 2011

Ryan Osborn

Joined the Team: 2018

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