Another Financing Partner: This Time For Africa!

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I have shared in a recent series of blogs our Partnering Strategy to provide a Complete Solution to our customer’s needs where we don’t have that particular expertise ourselves.  It is no surprise to anyone that the greatest need for the exceptional entrepreneurs in the continent of Africa is to access financing.

Now we are excited to announce that Insta-Pro has partnered with Integrated Trade Finance (ITF) to assist our customers locate financing wherever they are in Africa.  From Egypt to South Africa and all countries in between, ITF is willing to take on the challenge of helping you, our customers and prospective customers, with arranging financing for your Insta-Pro Equipment.

ITF will not be the financing source, but they have and will further build-out relationships with all sources of funds to connect you with and help you through the financing process.

Here Is What ITF will do for our Africa Region Customers

  • They will provide you with an indicative finance offer with our Budgetary Quote for you to run financial feasibilities and to get an initial indication of the potential rates.
  • If you are interested, they will work with you to evaluate your financial situation and advise you on how best to present yourself to financing institutions.
  • Once you apply for financing, they will continue to be there to help make the financing happen.
  • Depending on your financial condition, they will assist you in financing needs beyond just the Insta-Pro portion of your project.

In short, they will partner with you to help get your project financed and at no cost to you.  Insta-Pro has made arrangements to compensate them for their services to our African customers.

There is no doubt many challenges with financing in Africa, but now we have a partner who is an expert in this area.  Whether you have an established business or a new start-up, please take advantage of this service, provide them with their requested information and let them help you access the best possible financing solution.

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