Customers See You, But Do They Hear You

When making your marketing decisions, its easy to fall into the same trap.  “Everyone looks at my ads because I am special” “I am going to write everything down and everyone will read it because I am different”.  Did you know:

  • Google gets 6 billion searches/day
  • 2 billion tweets are sent/year
  • You are more likely to get hit by a bus than to have someone click on an internet ad
  • Over 361 billion emails will be sent/day in 2024

So how do you cut through the noise and get people to listen? Reality is, as discussed in a previous blog; there is not a one size fits all solution to marketing your business. The key is to work with individuals you know and trust that have your best interest at heart and genuinely want to see you succeed.  Therefore, when you become a customer of Insta-Pro you are not just buying a piece of equipment.  You are gaining a team of experts available to assist in different areas of your operations.

For example, we offer the Support Plus Program and Express® Certification Program where you can work with the Insta-Pro marketing team to develop material to promote your business.  Solutions include:

  • Ad creation
  • Press releases
  • Website Review
  • Brochure development
  • Content sharing/research trials

These solutions are designed to help you reach your ideal customer.  The programs have been successfully utilized by customers who do not have a marketing department and/or have marketing departments that would like to use our material to promote the ingredients they process.

By focusing on your unique business and working with companies, like us, that are here for you before, during and after your equipment purchase; you are arming yourself with the support you need to break through the noise of your competition.

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