Importance of Networking Between Customers, Prospects and Employees

Networking between our current customers and prospects helps create mutually beneficial relationships that allow them to share ideas, success stories and also provide insights on what has not worked for them in their specific operation.  This is why twice a year we hold clinics, like the one starting today, in our Urbandale office.  The presentations are conducted in English, but upon advanced request we can also provide translation assistance.

By hosting clinics, attending tradeshows and sponsoring events around the world, our customers and prospects have an environment that allows them to network and expand their knowledge on extrusion technologies.  Networking is about building mutually beneficial relationships, which is ultimately about helping your business grow.  Our current clinic has over 50 customers and prospects from every region around the world that are focused on soybean, by-product, shaped feed and food processing.

This clinic is focused on developing new markets for ExPress® soybean meal and shaped feed products such as pet food and fish feed.  It is interesting to note that sometimes consumers, and even producers, of low fat ExPress® meal find it more cost efficient to produce an end product elsewhere in the world where labor costs and price for raw ingredients are more competitive.  Since doing business in a new unknown environment is always a challenge, our clinics provide a beneficial networking opportunity for individuals who have a mutual interest and focus on high quality standards.  This is where they can find the answer to the million dollar question:

  • Does my future partner uses genuine Insta-Pro Intl machinery and technology and do they follow quality control requirements provided by the supplier?

At the end of the day Insta-Pro Intl helps both sides profit by sharing its know how and by helping future partners network during events like the one we are holding today and tomorrow.  Our next clinic is scheduled for January 21 & 22, 2015 in Urbandale, IA; contact your Insta-Pro Intl Sales Director for more information.

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