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We are launching the Insta-Pro blog to share our over 40 years of experience in High Shear, Dry Extrusion Technology.

The blog approach to convey this experience is new, but sharing our know-how is what we do every day. Our employees are passionate about helping our customers succeed. We love to help them find new uses for their extruder or help them make better end product.

Our nutritionists answer customer phone calls and emails regularly. They provide support on new product concepts, feed formulation guidance, independent research results and general extrusion technology know how. They understand what must be done with the extruder to maximize the nutritional profile of the end product.

Our service and technician team loves to answer customer maintenance or production questions with quick turnaround. Having worked with these extruders for decades, they have experienced about every situation. Therefore, they enjoy getting customers back on track maximizing on their production output.

Our engineers take calls on the best plant layout solutions, or the best equipment selection for a particular processing goal. They advise on the best approach to set up a system for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Our sales team actually does more consulting than selling. They provide guidance on marketing, finance, ingredient sourcing, sales and other aspects of business. The sales team works hard to assist their customers in all aspects so that they are successful and THEN will ultimately buy more equipment.

So you see, our culture at Insta-Pro is about how we can support our customers and make them a success. The entire team is passionate about how they can help our customers with any issue or opportunity. Now we are taking this approach to the web with a blog so we can positively impact more processors with this passion.

We hope you get great benefit from reading the blog and if you have any suggestions or requests, please contact us.

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