Market Changes Drive The Need For A New Extruder

After over 40 years of producing High Shear Extruders, why would Insta-Pro enter into the Medium Shear Extruder industry with the Insta-Pro MS3000 Medium Shear Extruder?  The reason is the market is changing and there are unmet needs Insta-Pro International is uniquely capable of satisfying.

Let’s first look at the world from an economic perspective.  Developing and underdeveloped countries are growing and growing faster than the developed countries.  GDP per capita and incomes within those countries are growing at rates more than double the developed economies.  These increases in economic standing of individuals drive two trends.

  • The ability to afford more animal protein such as fish
  • The ability to afford pets or companion animals

Fish and the Aquaculture Industry

Fish are the most efficient animal converting feed to meat.  They also require the least amount of infrastructure to grow compared to other animals.   Governments such as Russia are supporting the growth of aquaculture industries with incentives.  Add to this other trends such as; the demand for fish increasing due to its healthy attributes and the over harvested natural bodies of water, makes the aquaculture industry even more attractive.  According to the FAO, from 1995 to 2008 aqua feed grew 11% per year, growing to 29 million tons per year.  This growth rate is expected to continue through the year 2020 reaching 71 million tons per year.  By the year 2030, fish is forecasted to become the number one source for animal protein.  The small to medium sized aquaculture producers have lacked a complete solution satisfying their needs.  Medium shear extruders produce the best shapes compared to high shear extruders, but they either are too large, too expensive or the low end equipment lacked the quality output the producers were searching for.

Pet Food

The other high growth business has been the pet food industry.  Over the last 5 years pet food has grown 4-5% on average each year reaching a total 21 million tons.  The forecast, according to, is for this growth to continue at a rate of 4.2%.  The largest pet market has been the U.S., and it is expected to grow 3.5% per year.  Significantly higher growth can be found in developing regions.  For example, Latin America has been growing at 9% per year and is forecasted to continue at this rate. Similarly Eastern Europe has grown at 11% per year and it is forecasted to continue.  These markets and others are full of entrepreneurs looking to fill this market demand, but they need the right tool.


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The Insta-Pro MS3000 is now here to meet the demand of these growth oriented business people with the right-sized extruder that is affordable for their sized operation, but yet provides the quality output that they are looking for.  These businesses see the opportunity of the pet food and aqua feed segments growing at 4-11% per year, while standard oilseed or grain processing is growing at about 2% per year.  These entrepreneurs know they not only need quality equipment and the right-sized equipment, but they need to know there is a quality company behind the equipment providing them with a complete solution.  Now they have it.

Learn more about the MS3000 Medium Shear Extruder in future blogs, an upcoming Insta-Pro Clinic (September 19-20) and at our new web page at

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