Organic Poultry in Latin America

In recent years, the Latin American population’s demand for organic products has grown in several countries, with popularity rising mainly in organic chicken and egg products.

For these poultry products, soybeans are of vital importance as the main source of protein due to its high percentage of protein and excellent source of amino acids. However, most of the soy flour available in the market comes from an oil extraction process by solvents where Hexane is used for the removal of fat. This makes the use of this Soybean Meal not allowed to be used in the feeding of organic birds.

Insta-Pro International has played an important role in this issue, by providing the technology and experience to help our customers obtain ExPress® soybean meal through a chemical and solvent-free process. The main result is the high-quality ExPress® soybean meal with a protein level of 43-46%, a residual fat of 6 to 8%, amino acid digestibility coefficients of more than 90%, and a low moisture content of only 5%. This is an excellent source of protein for organic broilers and organic egg layers.

Another one of the main challenges facing organic chicken or egg producers is the cost of production, as it is significantly higher than the production cost of conventional commercial poultry. For example, the conventional broiler goes to market after 6-8 weeks of growth, while free range and organic broilers can take anywhere from 8-10 weeks before going to market, so the birds must be fed for a longer time and the cost of feeding continues to be the highest cost of the whole process. Insta-Pro’s ExPress® soy meal, in recent studies at Iowa State University conducted with broilers, shows improvement in feed intake, with market weight being reached up to 4 days earlier. This can allow producers of conventional broilers to grow 1 additional flock per barn per year, which would result in cutting some overall feed costs for producers growing organic broilers.

The Latin America organic poultry industry is growing, and Insta-Pro can help it prosper. Our technology is proven to provide the ability for companies to produce organic feed ingredients that are highly nutritious, efficient, and economical. Studies carried out in Colombia have concluded that the population of the medium-high socioeconomic sector is willing to try organic chicken and 90% have the economic capacity to pay the premium over conventional chicken. In Mexico, the concept of organic chicken and eggs is taking hold with large companies in the north and center of the country openly promoting their organic products with some already having a constant presence in supermarkets.

If you want to know more about ExPress® technology and how it can help you grow or make your business more efficient, contact a salesperson from Insta-Pro’s global network, we are here to help you.

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