Our New Technologies for Extruded Corn

Corn Cob

Corn is widely grown in the Southeast Asia region. In some countries like Thailand and Vietnam, corn production is expected to increase in due to expanded acreages driven by high domestic prices.

Corn is high in carbohydrates and is one of the most important sources of dietary energy for livestock and poultry feeds. However, raw corn has 25% gelatinization. When raw corn is fed to baby pigs and in chicken starter diets, it affects digestibility and growth performance. To improve gelatinization, corn must be heat processed, but the best gelatinization results are found with Hi-Gel™ Corn from Insta-Pro.

Most of the time, when I discuss extrusion technologies, prospective customers ask if they can extrude corn or if extrusion can improve the digestibility of corn. These are both questions that challenge the capabilities of the equipment that I am passionate about selling.

In previous years, customers tried to use the Insta-Pro Model 2500 extruder with preconditioner at low temperatures for corn extrusion. The gelatinization was low and could not provide the desired digestibility needed in piglet and broiler starter diets.

The new Model 2000-CG extruder was implemented to fulfill this need.

With the 2000-CG, starch in corn is effectively cooked, making it highly digestible and palatable. Hi-Gel™ Corn has 91% gelatinization compared to other processing methods and it works well in baby piglets, broiler starter diets and dairy.

If you have any questions regarding Hi-Gel™ Corn or our 2000-CG extruder, please reach out to our team.

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