Spare parts: Buy cheap, pay dearly?

Non Insta Pro Extruder Parts

This year, I have had the opportunity to visit many Insta-Pro clients in Mexico. During those visits, I have learned that some may have tried to get spare parts locally because it may be faster to have the parts in the plant and prices may be cheaper. However, it is the same customer who tells me what seemed to be cheaper turned out to be more expensive.

All companies pay close attention to the costs of their operation to improve their profitability, but this must be done in a careful and responsible manner. When you have equipment of the highest quality, you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks when using parts that are not original. Behind each extruder there is design and engineering work that takes place, ensuring excellent quality for proper operation. Why take a risk by adding lower quality elements? There can be consequences and result in damage to the equipment. Therefore, the cost of stopping production and possible repairs will be much higher than the price of the appropriate parts.

The wear of the parts of the equipment will be determined by several factors, such as the type of ingredients being processed. Another factor is whether or not they are original parts. The quality of the metals used, the way in which the parts are manufactured and their quality control directly influences the durability of the parts when they are in use. Finally, a good maintenance program can also influence the life of the parts. In a common operation, it is necessary to make a complete and detailed inspection by disassembling the equipment at least once a month. This includes changing the parts with wear that must be replaced. In the case of international customers, it will be important to have an adequate inventory to deal with an emergency if necessary.

Insta-Pro can help you reduce costs by providing the highest quality materials and maintenance plans. Don’t get caught buying cheap, and paying dearly.

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