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Cells of a Raw Soybean

In the extrusion business, luck does not determine success. The quality of the products you produce and sell is what dictates your future. It has been said that quality is equal to superiority and most of our clients in Southeast Asia can attest to that statement. They have seen the benefits of producing a higher caliber product and understand that a high quality product is made from high quality machine. That is why they have continued to choose Insta-Pro International extruders over the rest.

In the Philippines, a client of ours is selling 100% extruded full fat soybeans (EFFSB) to pig and poultry farms. Farmers chose to buy products processed by our customers over their competitors because of quality.  They have proven to their customers that properly processed EFFSB is:

  • an excellent source of fat & energy
  • an excellent source of digestible protein & amino acids
  • highly palatable for better feed efficiency
  • an excellent source of choline
  • a longer lasting product due to the presence of natural Tocopherols
  • a high quality polyunsaturated fat (linoleic acid)

All of these benefits have made all the difference for them.  Comparison and competition are always present, especially when selling feed and food products, which is why manufactures must find a way to set themselves apart to keep their business alive. Selling a higher quality product to a market who’s willing to pay the higher price can be an effective way to do this.

Regardless of how they make themselves stand out, successful company owners will continue to find ways to differentiate and expand their business.  Purchasing quality equipment by itself is not enough to assure producing high quality superior extruded whole soybeans. It is the optimization of the process that involves our recommendations and input.

Expansion and growth are always in the mind of customers in my region because growth is the key to keeping a business profitable. In SE Asia, many successful businessmen I interact with believe that additional investment will soon convert to a successful outcome as long as you produce quality products.  To learn more about this technology and nutritional benefits, contact your local Insta-Pro Intl team member.

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