Summary of ExPress® Oil Benefits

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Here at Insta-Pro, we pride ourselves in helping our customers by investing in continued product research and providing this information and new equipment to help them rise above the competition. As we have illustrated in the previous blogs this month, our latest research from Iowa State University shows how ExPress® oil helps add value to producers through improved animal health, growth, and bottom line.

Our latest study shows how ExPress® oil performs much better than solvent extracted oil or other forms of mechanically derived soy oil. In broilers specifically, when feeding ExPress® soy oil, you can use 5% less feed and have greater gains per bird when compared to the industry standard oil additive like AV blend. The study shows that not only can you feed less, but your birds will gain weight quicker, with a 6% higher body weight seen at the end of the 42-day trial. This means efficiency to the producer, and, in this case, efficiency means improved bottom lines to the producer. In this day in age, those types of financial and animal benefits are hard to find.

ExPress® oil also has a greater shelf life than other oils on the market. High levels of vitamin E, that acts as an antioxidant, are key to shelf life and are derived from our unique extrusion process. High temperature and short cook time reduces the breakdown of key ingredients in the oil such as Vitamin E. This is one way we stand out and rise above the rest, ultimately bringing you, the customer, greater value.

To take things one step further, our studies have shown that when using ExPress® meal, which contains residual soy oil, with our new product, Hi-Gel™ corn, the gains are even greater in broilers and show a 4.8-day quicker time to market weight. Here at Insta-Pro, we put in the work to back up each and every claim we have. We pride ourselves in letting the animals tell our story and prove our claims.

Whether you’re a feed mill making a product for many producers, or you’re a producer making product just for your own operation, our ExPress® oil will add value to your operation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team member for more information.


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