The Economic Value of Feeding ExPress® Meal in Dairy Diets

Many of you are familiar with our technology and equipment that produce high quality feed ingredients.  The main stay is producing high quality ExPress® meal through our extruders and oil presses.  ExPress® soy meal has a 6-8% residual oil and is protected from rumen microbes, providing a sufficient source of by-pass fat.


What does feeding ExPress® soy meal in dairy diets mean to you?


ExPress® soy meal provides better efficiencies – including economic efficiencies – over other costly, conventional ingredients and by-pass meals. When ExPress® soy meal replaces other sources of by-pass ingredients in the diet, higher milk yields can be realized. These benefits result in more efficient milk production with a 26.5% reduction of diet cost ($0.21/cow/day savings, forages not included).


In summary, here are the historic advantages of feeding ExPress® soymeal to lactating dairy cows:


  • ExPress® soy meal increased milk production, milk fat and protein, and improved rumen function (fiber degradation) vs. solvent SBM1
  • ExPress® soy meal increased milk production vs. SoyBest®, SoyPlus® and solvent SBM, despite total rumen by-pass protein being equal2
  • ExPress® soy meal is a nutrient dense, low moisture product making it a unique ingredient in TMR rations that adds value and saves money on overall ration costs


Please contact us if you want to learn more about how ExPress® can work with your operations.  Our team would love to discuss, more in depth, about ExPress® soy meal’s role in dairy diets.


1Giallongo et al., 2015. Dairy Sci. 98:6471

2 Dhimian, 2001. Utah State University Research Project

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