The Hanson & Said Research & Development Center is open for business

Hanson & Said Research & Development Center

The R&D facility at our new location is officially open and scheduling appointments for testing. We have started our first production runs and happy with the added room to conduct additional research. I’m not going to say it’s finished because an R&D center is never truly finished, more like evolving. We will be pursuing some exciting new equipment development, process development, internal nutritional testing along with process development for outside interests.

We are going to be very busy and I wanted to talk to you about how you can get started doing research and testing at the new facility.  The first thing to do is simple: Contact us and talk to one of our nutritionists or technicians about your idea.  Where confidentiality is a concern, we sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your proprietary information and Insta Pro’s proprietary information.

We will follow up with a form to fill out that asks for details, including ingredient information and desired end-product.   Detailed ingredient information is important and should include analysis of things such as protein, fat, fiber and moisture content. In some cases, we may require a safety data sheet. Research is not inherently dangerous, but when we are dealing with ingredients we have never worked with before, we like to error on the side of safety.

We have conducted a lot of experimentation over the years, and in some cases, we can help with suggestions from our past experiences. In other cases, the idea may just not work. We don’t want to waste anybody’s time or money on something we know won’t work.

Our team will meet and review your requests to determine feasibility and address any safety concerns on our part. Once we determine your project is worth trying, we will schedule a time for a test and work out the logistics. There is a daily charge including equipment set-up, actual processing and clean up and shipping preparation for any finished product. We can also do lab analysis, provide some ingredients and pre-process preparation at a cost. R&D charges are prepaid before any work is completed.

So if you have an idea or desire to develop a product or process, give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss it with you and turn the idea into a reality.

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