Top 5 Read Blogs in 2021


The Insta-Pro team has written a blog every week for over 8 years!  While some of this years top read blogs are from previous years, they contain great tips!

  1. Calculating Broiler Horsepower Requirements  In some feedmills, steam is required for various cooking processes.  Our high shear dry extrusion generally does not require steam, although some processes do such as fish and pet food manufacturing.  A boiler is critical for operation in those instances, but how do you know what size to purchase?
  2. 7 Points to Consider When Investing in a Processing Facility  his blog covers the top seven things you need to consider prior to purchasing a processing facility.
  3. Soybean Dehulling- How Does It Work?  A topic we come across often is the need, or want, for soybean dehulling.  Dehulling (or decortication) is the process of removing the hull of a seed and can be applicable to more than just soybeans.  Typically, a producer wishes to decrease the final fiber content in the end product, so dehulling is the answer.
  4. Dehulling: When to Do It And Why?  Whether an animal feed oriented processor de-hulls their ExPress® soy or not is an economic/ strategic decision.   Nutritionally, at least in swine trials, university studies show no significant advantage in amino acid digestibility for dehulling the soy prior to the ExPress® Process. For the processor, the value of the hulls is greater if the product is not dehulled given there is no adverse effect of the fiber when extruding.
  5. Pellet Mill vs Extrusion  More often than none, during exhibits and shows we encounter visitors confusing an extruder with a pellet mill.
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