Benefits of the Insta-Pro Service Plus Program

Extruders are used for food and feed production.

As a former ExPress® plant operator/manager, I understand all too well the problems of maintenance, wear problems, as well as, the benefits of proper maintenance and wear part rotation.  I also know what it is like to have an operator leave and not have someone to properly train a new one.

The best way to describe what happens is similar to gossip.  You started with an operator that was probably trained correctly but over time, has learned several shortcuts that work for him.  When that operator trains a new and different operator, he tends to teach him his shortcuts instead of the proper way to do things.  Then the “new guy” learns his own shortcuts and passes them down to the next operator in training.   Here is an example;  when I was a child in grade school, the teacher used to line all of the class up in a single file line.  She would tell the child on one end a story or sentence to be passed through the line to the other end.  Probably 9 out of 10 times the story or sentence was changed completely by the time it reached the other end of the line.  The point of my example is that as operators train new operators, they tend to add or delete important steps or procedures along the way.

That is why we have come up with the new Insta-Pro Service Plus plan.  The best way around a potential problem like the one noted above is to be sure that your operators are properly trained and they stick to the schedule that the Insta-Pro Tech taught them, especially when training new hires.  One way to assure that you have someone trained correctly is to purchase the service plus program.  Once a year your regional service tech will come out to your plant and spend one or two days talking with your operators and training/retraining them in a correct manner.  The tech will also be able to assess your operating parameters and wear parts to see that everything is working properly.

We have three service plan options, they are as follows:
1. One year
2. Two years
3. Three Years

You may choose to have one to three days per visit.  Depending on how much attention that you feel your plant needs.

For more information, contact Ray Goodwin at +515-205-4719 or at You may also contact your Regional Sales Director as well.

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