Is There True Value in Housekeeping in my Facility?

Housekeeping is valuable for many reasons.
• It is much easier to repair clean equipment
• A dirty machine has to be cleaned prior to working on it or at least before it is put back together
• You may be able to notice certain problems, like oil leaks, quicker on a clean machine
• A dirty motor runs at a hotter temperature
• Every part retains heat when dirty

I could go on but the point is all of the reasons listed above cost money. Money that could be saved by keeping the plant clean while it is running. We all get behind or distracted by other responsibilities but the fact of the matter is if you do not clean your equipment, something will break. It will therefore take longer than necessary to repair it due to the fact that the machine will need to be cleaned first.

The first step in keeping a clean environment, is to have the proper steam exhaust system enigneered in your plants.  A good vendor can  help you with this solution.  At Insta-Pro Intl, the engineering team have various solutions given the size and needs of the customers.  However, this is not enough.  A regularly scheduled cleaning program is required.

Plants that are cleaned daily tend to have a lower overhead and lower capital expenditures.  For example motors run at a cooler temperature extending motor life and operators can detect oil leaks sooner minimizing equipment failures.  Extruders produce heat and product builds up inside the barrel.  This buildup causes the motors to work harder and makes it more difficult to maintain the equipment.  Clean barrels are easier and quicker to remove than barrels with extreme build up on them.  If you have to clean a clamp bolt just so the wrench will fit on it, you have a problem. If you get dirty every time you touch any surface in you plant, you have a problem.

There is no reason that someone should get filthy just because they brush up against a surface in the plant. It only takes a few minutes per shift to run a rag over the top of the extruders or to blow off a dusty motor. Take a few minutes and implement a cleaning program your operator is responsible for.  Hold them accountable and see how much difference it makes in your equipment performance and the appearance of your facility over the next six months.  For more advice on how to better maintain your equipment, you can email me or call my office at +

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