Key Role of an Operator in the Business

High quality equipment, ingredients and employees are three main factors that go into running a successful business.  One thing I have noticed over the years is that while a business is invested in quality equipment and strategic purchasing of ingredients, they overlook the importance of hiring high quality operators.  In past blogs we have covered topics such as safety and maintenance that focus on avoiding hazards and downtime.  This blog will discuss the importance in hiring quality operators and how they are a key factor in maintaining a successful business.

It is important an operator understands the entire process that is unique to your operation from specific process parameters to incoming raw ingredients.  Some processes, once they are started and adjustments are made, will run smoothly.  An employee should never be bored or lacking something to do.  It’s what they do in these times of relative calm that make the difference between being average and good operator.  By implementing a quality control program, they will invest their time in setting and tracking process parameters such as tracking hourly stats to insure the operation is running at its optimal level.

I have been in situations where a production facility was having quality or capacity issues.  What they discovered was the operators didn’t fully understand the process and parameters involved with their particular product. The operator assumed that the equipment was automatic, all you do is press the on button and it takes off and runs itself.  For example, sampling incoming ingredients and finished products should be included in the operators to do list.  This kind of monitoring can be useful in diagnosing problems.  Through proper training and orientation with the equipment and process, they will be equipped to monitor the process to assure the production of a good quality finished product.

Proper monitoring of the process can decrease the risks of down time and prevent costly repairs.  It can also assure quality product output is maintained so you don’t disappoint your customers.  A properly trained operator can often be the key to a successful operation and operators may require follow-up training.  Contact Ray Goodwin, Start-Up/ Service Manager, to discuss how we can assist you with your training needs.  In my next posting we’ll discuss the differences involved in different products and how this relates to equipment and processes.

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