Maintain Ingredient Consistency & Optimize Your ExPress® Process with the Portable Ingredient Analyzer (PIA) NIR

PIA NIR Technlogy

Our Portable Ingredient Analyzer (PIA) tool uses NIR technology to provide on-the-spot quick analysis of soy products. Additionally, units can be calibrated to add other grains.


Our inventoried units are precalibrated for ExPress® soy, full-fat soy and soybeans. These PIA units sell for $16,705. The strength and reliability of a NIR analyzer is based on the robustness of the dataset which was used in the calibration. We have obtained hundreds of ExPress® soy meal samples from our customers both domestically and internationally to use in the calibration of the units.


Like any tool/device, an operator will need to be trained to use it and should utilize it according to the guidelines to obtain consistent and precise results. We have made this easy by providing customers with video tutorials, as well providing access to our service technicians and nutritionists who support our customers when they purchase this unit.


Being portable and providing onsite quick analysis feedback, the PIA unit allows for operators to optimize the ExPress® process by identifying if product parameters are outside the target. For example, every 1% increase in residual oil value in the ExPress® meal, equals selling 20 lbs of oil at meal price or approximately loss in revenue of $3.00- $4.00 per ton. Thus, in this example, regular use of the PIA could allow the operator to optimize the process and the PIA would pay for itself after 4,200-5,550 tons of use. This would be one year’s processing using on a 2tph ExPress® soy unit on a single shift.


Additionally, it would help to maintain end product consistency, giving strength in your ExPress® soy meal marketing messaging as well assist in the quick analysis of raw soybeans at time of purchase. If you are interested in learning more about additional resources to optimize your process, send us a message.

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