Bringing Out The Best In Full-Fat Soybean Meal


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the world. A few countries that have been hit hard by the pandemic are Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Malaysia is currently experiencing a third wave of the virus, in addition to suffering massive labor shortages. These labor shortages are affecting the production of palm oil and palm olein, resulting in the prices for these products soaring to unprecedented heights. Thailand is contending with the delta variant, forcing the government to reimpose strict quarantine measures. The Philippines are facing travel restrictions that are affecting the agribusiness supply chain and coconut oil production is being affected by a lack of manpower resulting in price increases.

Raw materials such as palm oil and coconut oil are major sources of energy in livestock and poultry diets. The oil assists with the binding properties of pellets and reduces the dustiness of mash feeds. Due to the substantial price increases, the price of livestock and poultry feeds are also increasing. As a result, feed mills and nutritionists are searching for alternative raw materials to use as a replacement in livestock and poultry feed formulations. Fortunately, there is a solution that has been used for over 50 years – full-fat soybeans.

Full-fat soybeans have many attributes that not only make them a suitable replacement for palm oil and coconut oil in livestock and poultry diets, but the preferred option. Some of these attributes include:

  • The composition of full-fat soybean is like whole soybeans; with 38% protein and 18% oil
  • Full-fat soybeans are an excellent source of digestible protein & amino acids
  • An excellent source of fat & energy (highly stable fat)
  • The shelf life of full-fat soybeans, when stored properly (out of the elements, 37C, away from sunlight), is 39 weeks after recommended extrusion by Insta-Pro
  • Full-fat soybeans have 51% linoleic acid of total fat
  • Full-fat soybeans contain 0.2% choline – an essential vitamin that’s not found in many ingredients

For more information about full fat soybean processing technology, or to speak with one of our Nutritionists, contact one of our Insta-Pro sales managers.

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