Phosphorus is an essential mineral that serves many important functions in the animal body and is required to support optimal maintenance, body growth, reproduction and development of bones. In fact, phosphorus is the second most abundant mineral found in the animal body.

Diets for poultry and swine need phosphorus because they are formulated with cereal grains containing high amounts of phosphorus in the form of phytate or phytic acid, which is not digested well by non-ruminants animals. This makes phosphorus poorly available for animals and compromises the utilization of other dietary nutrients. Therefore, more supplementation from inorganic sources is needed. In addition, this increases the excretion of phosphorus and undigested nutrients in the manure which causes environmental problems.

The question becomes, what effective processing technologies are available to improve phosphorus utilization from soy and plant feed ingredients when feeding to swine and poultry. High-shear dry extrusion from Insta-Pro is available to decrease the amount of phytate-bound phosphorus. This was demonstrated in a study which evaluated the chemical composition and nutritional quality of ExPress® soy meal at different temperatures.

Phytate Phosphorus Graph

In the graph above, you can observe how the phytate-bound phosphorus decreases when soy meal reaches the proper processing temperature. High-shear dry extrusion adds value to processed soy meal, increasing the non-phytate phosphorus through two mechanisms:

  1. Effective deactivation of enzymes.
  2. The high temperature and pressure during extrusion degrades the phytate molecule.

The result is that diets with more non-phytate phosphorus can be properly formulated by adding ExPress® soy meal. Contact our nutrition to learn more about the benefits of using high-shear dry extrusion for reducing phytate-phosphorus.

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