High Shear Extrusion of Soybeans and Ruminant Nutrition

Cells of a Raw Soybean

It is a known fact that the amino acids requirement by dairy, beef and other ruminant animals come from both microbial protein produced during rumen fermentation and the dietary protein that escapes rumen fermentation. The latter is termed Undegradable Intake Protein (UIP) or, by-pass protein.

The requirement of the UIP is influenced by animal age and milk production. The higher milk production and the younger the animal is, the more UIP is needed.

Various methods of treating soybeans or soybean meal have been studied to alter the rate of protein degradation in the rumen by protecting it from rumen degradation. Some of those methods are high shear extrusion, roasting, expelling and the use of lignosulfonate and formaldehyde.

UIP of up to 70% can be achieved through high shear extrusion of soybeans resulting in a product that is more uniform in quality than roasting. Aldrich and Merchen (1995) demonstrated the effect of high shear extrusion temperature on the UIP level and digestibility of the soybeans. Extrusion temperature of 104 C resulted in 3.4 fold higher UIP than that of raw soybeans. Increasing the extrusion temperature further to 149 C resulted in a 63.3% UIP while a 69.9% UIP was achieved at 160C.

Achieving a high level of undegradable protein or by-pass protein has to be coupled with a higher digestibility of the protein and amino acids though controlling the Maillard reaction. Controlling this reaction by optimizing the heat process is the key to successful protection of the protein thus delivering the intended results in terms of higher milk production.

Insta-Pro Extrusion-Expelling (ExPress®) system is being used successfully to produce high quality ExPress® soybean meal as was documented in studies performed by Utah State University in the last decade. High lactating dairy cows fed the Insta-Pro High Shear ExPress® soybean meal produced 2 lbs more fat corrected milk per cow per day than cows fed other commercially available expeller soybean meal or solvent extracted soybean meal.

Our task is to help you optimize your Insta-Pro system to produce the best quality product regardless which market you are pursuing or the animal species you intend to feed.

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