Insta-Pro’s Success with Broilers: Consistent & High-Quality Ingredients


The global poultry market grew from $352.02 billion in 2022 to $378.84 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6%. Indeed, it is expected to continue growing through 2028 at a CAGR of 5.45%. In response to a growing poultry industry, Insta-Pro®, as part of efforts to strengthen the high-shear dry extrusion technology, has been constantly enhancing its research capabilities with poultry trials. The research work conducted since the high shear-dry extrusion technology was invented and patented, aims to support poultry industry stakeholders to produce high-quality ingredients for poultry feeding.

Specifically, when feeding full-fat soy or ExPress® soy meal to broilers, the response has been an indicator of a consistent and high-quality soymeal that fits in all formulations as a source of protein and energy. ExPress® offers a unique and effective method to process soybeans, as improved lysine digestibility and metabolizable energy have been demonstrated in poultry when soybeans are processed at the proper temperature.

In a 2021 study, it was reported that the inclusion of full-fat soy in a pelleted diet supported broilers performance equal or superior to that of dehulled solvent extracted SBM, and that extruded full-fat soy could partially or completely replace solvent SBM without any adverse effects on body weight, feed conversion, mortality, dressing percentage, or abdominal fat content provided the diets are nutritionally balanced.

This same study makes another comparison, this time between roasted and high-shear dry extruded soybeans. This demonstrated the impact of specific processes on the nutritional value of extruded full-fat soy (EFFS). Overall, birds fed EFFS exhibited higher energy utilization than birds fed roasted full-fat soy (RFFSB). Further, lower lysine and energy utilization in RFFSB relative to EFFSB reflected the impact of the processing method.

Additionally, a different study conducted at the University of Illinois evaluated the broiler digestibility of ExPress® soymeal processed under different conditions. The highest amino acid digestibility measured in meals processed at the standardized temperature focused on getting the highest quality ingredient. It was confirmed by reporting 90.5% standardized ileal digestibility of essential amino acids in chicks and by Dr. Parsons. In general, these studies show how operating equipment within the proper parameters determines the quality of the ingredients for animal feeding.

Insta-Pro has had extensive 3rd party testing backing up the quality and performance of the soy products produced using our equipment. The greatest takeaway here is that quality is defined during the processing. Not only will the proper technology determine the nutritional value of ingredients, but also the performance and ultimately the revenues of any poultry operation.

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