Opportunity for Growth in Pet Food in Developing Countries

Insta-Pro recently participated in Expo FIGAP 2016 in Guadalajara, the most important animal feed and pet food tradeshow in Mexico.  Prior to the expo, Dr. Dave Albin presented at the feed workshop organized by FIGAP on Commercial Applications of Dry Extrusion where people learned about the many uses of an extruder.  During the expo, we had many interested people come by our booth to learn about processing technologies as related to cotton, soy, canola, texturized soy protein and fish feed.  However, the most interest this year revolved around Pet Food, specifically dog food.

As Debbie Phillips-Donaldson writes in her Petfood Industry article, Pet food sales in Mexico increased 13.7% in 2015.  The surge in recent years has put Mexico in the top 10 globally for pet food consumption, bringing about a great opportunity for your business. However, Mexico is not the only developing country with high pet food market growth. The Southeast Asia pet food market is also growing tremendously. The growth rate is expected to be 25% in India, 14% in Thailand & Indonesia and 10% in China & the Philippines. Insta-Pro has the right sized extrusion solution for any developing market. As a pet food extruder manufacturer and our involvement in the pet food industry, we have seen a large increase in the number of companies getting in to the pet food business or expanding their current plant capacities internationally.

Just like humans, pets prefer food that is fresh and pleasing to taste.  While large pet food companies can export pet food, having the ability to produce locally and sell pet food that has not been in a warehouse or shipping container for several weeks allows for obvious advantages for local producers. By producing pet food, you can develop a high-quality pet food with high digestibility, better flavor and long product shelf life.

At Insta-Pro, we pride ourselves on helping our customers produce the highest quality product possible.  Dr. Dave Albin can help you with your formulation to develop and capitalize on high-quality dry pet food. Give us a call if you are interested in discussing your strategy so we can set you up to be successful in the growing pet food market. Our team of nutritionists, engineers, technicians, service and industry experts look forward to working with you.

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