Stabilized Rice Bran: Innovative Ingredients Processed with High-Shear Dry Extrusion

High-shear dry extrusion has been used for decades to sterilize and stabilize various by-products and create value-added ingredients for both the feed and food industries.

Rice bran is a by-product of rice polishing – a process in which the bran and hull are separated from the kernel. Rice bran accounts for about 12% of the entire rice grain and contains approximately 15% – 22% crude fat, which is rich in lipases. See the table below for the typical composition of the raw and stabilized rice bran. Due to the instability of the lipases after milling, rice bran must be stabilized quickly – recommended within 8 hours – to maintain nutritional quality and prevent ingredient rancidity. High-shear dry extrusion can be used to stabilize rice bran, which generates a high-quality ingredient for use in animal diets.


Proximate, as is % Raw Rice Bran Stabilized Rice Bran
Moisture 9.81 4.94
Crude Protein 15.42 15.67
Crude Fat, ether extract 20.58 21.82
Crude Fiber 7.36 7.20
Ash 8.37 8.77


Insta-Pro® International has conducted animal feeding trials to optimize the nutritional quality of rice bran processed via high-shear dry extrusion. The nutrition team has written several blogs about the key benefits of using stabilized rice bran in various animal diets. See the summary below, which indicates stabilized rice bran’s key advantages with supporting blogs:

  1. Ingredient stability – Due to thorough plant cell wall rupturing and heating that occurs during high-shear dry extrusion processing, lipases and other enzymes present in the raw material are deactivated, which promotes stability of extruded rice bran.
  2. Better quality ingredients – Stabilized rice bran – processed with high-shear dry extrusion – has improved nutrient digestibility and promotes better gut health when included in swine, poultry, and companion animal
  3. Sustainable ingredient – With increasing feed ingredient costs and consumers’ demand for more sustainable ingredients in the production of meat, milk, and eggs, stabilized rice bran is a viable low-cost and sustainable solution. For example, utilizing stabilized rice brain in nursery diets in place of solvent-extracted soybean meal and some ground corn reduced the overall diet cost by $4/ton.

Rice bran is a great source of nutritional value, but to truly capitalize this value processers should look at stabilizing the rice bran with Insta-Pro extrusion equipment.  If you need more information, please contact Insta-Pro and we can help you understand the opportunities in front of you

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