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As resources are being diverted to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions – increased demand for ground transportation, manufacturing diversion away from traditional agriculture, and global stay-at-home ordinances – are impacting downstream supply streams within the animal feed industry. Supply chain disruptions have some dairy farmers dumping fluid milk due to logistic issues of getting the milk to consumers. Additionally, the U.S. feed market, which relies on imported micro-ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, are already dealing with a shortage on required amino acids supplements, i.e. the current shortage of L-threonine. The closure of factories and ports in Asia have further strained the supply chain due to extreme maritime delays.

With all the challenges agriculture has faced in recent decades, these times are truly unprecedented. However, economic downturns are prime territory for disruption. Despite the economic hardships, there are always individuals and companies that manage to thrive. But how do they do this? Disruptive innovation. Insta-Pro® International and its customers have always looked at new ways to challenge and improve upon the extrusion process.

High-shear dry extrusion technology has been continually challenged through research and development to innovate new processing technologies. High-shear dry extrusion can be used to process your own soybeans into soymeal. Furthermore, an integrator could invest in an extrusion plant, which would provide a consistent and reliable protein and energy source for the animals, while reducing their dependence on disrupted imports.  Whether you crush your own beans or buy from other local sources, there are real advantages during times like this to not rely on shipments from long distances or even from across the ocean.  This strategy can help protect agribusinesses from supply chain disruptions during future crises. Since patenting the high-shear dry extruder in 1969, Insta-Pro has been about providing solutions for producing quality ingredients, locally. During both normal and uncertain times, it is important to rely on consistency of quality ingredients as well as invest in reliable technology to prevent future disruptions.

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