Times Change Through Technology

To account for a growing population and high demand, animal producers are searching for cost-efficient, nutrient-dense ingredients to use in their animal feed without sacrificing their revenue.  Along with this, consumers want more transparency; not only with knowing where their food comes from, but what the animals that produce the meat, milk, and eggs, that consumers purchase for their families, are eating.

These factors continue to affect many of our customers, which is why we continue to invest in 3rd party feeding trials to verify the benefits received from utilizing Insta-Pro equipment to produce high-quality feed ad food ingredients.

A recent dairy study at Penn State University used ExPress® soy meal and Hi-Gel™ Corn in the diets of dairy cows. In this study, we observed even greater results than we did in the previous Penn State University study in 2015, which replaced Solvent meal with ExPress® soy meal. In the previous study, we found that ExPress® soy meal works as a high-quality source of by-pass protein and by-pass fat.  This improved feed efficiency, resulting in an added benefit with enhanced DMI, increases milk protein and milk fat (kg/da). When adding Hi-Gel™ Corn to the diet with a higher gelatinization of the corn starch and then ground corn or steam flaked corn, we have seen improved animal performance.

Nutritional benefits aside, how does feeding dairy cows Express® soy meal and Hi-Gel™ Corn benefit dairy producers financially?  The cost of feed using ExPress® soy meal and Hi-Gel™ Corn is higher than other feed formulations ($2.77/cow/day excluding forage costs).  Despite this, feeding dairy cows Hi-Gel™ Corn increased $35/US tons over steam flaked corn ($190 vs. $155).  When fed ExPress® soy meal and Hi-Gel™ Corn equals $400/US ton, $60 over canola meal.  The bottom line is that by feeding dairy cows ExPress® soy meal and Hi-Gel™ Corn, producers can maximize their economic return.

ExPress® soy meal and Hi-Gel™ Corn are the perfect combination for the ever-changing world, providing nutritional benefits for animals, as well as financial benefits for dairy producers.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the Penn State Dairy Feeding Trial.

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