Extruded Soy Ingredients

Ingredient Solutions To Speed Time to Market, Decrease Production Costs, & Improve Animal Health

Insta-Pro equipment creates extruded ingredients of superior quality. With minimal downtime, our extruders & presses are efficient, easy to use and advance feed conversion ratios in animal species.

Who is Insta-Pro

Insta-Pro International is an equipment manufacturing company based in the United States that creates nutritionally superior feed and food ingredients for feed mills, producers of meat, milk & eggs and more. Customers in over 100 countries depend on our equipment to provide nourishment to their animals, families & communities.

With over 50 years of feeding trials, Insta-Pro equipment has proved to create more efficient ingredients that provide essential amino acids, deactivate trypsin inhibitors, and break down cells for maximum protein digestibility.


Our equipment creates products like

  • ExPress® Soybean Meal
  • ExPress® Soy Oil
  • Full-fat Soybean Meal
  • Hi-Gel™ Corn

Our Equipment

Insta-Pro Extruders & Oil Presses process soy and other oilseeds at up to 4 tons per hour for food & feed ingredients that provide nutrition worldwide for both humans and animals. Easy to operate Insta-Pro Machinery has the lowest total cost of ownership in the market, seeing a typical ROI within 5 years & equipment that saves up to 65% more space, providing decades of use.

The Insta-Pro extruder processes oilseeds using our proprietary High-Temperature, Short Cook Time, HTST, a process that breaks down cell walls and deactivates anti-nutrients without harm to proteins and nutrients that animals need for proper nutrition.


  • 9000 Series Extruder
  • 8800 Series Oil Press
  • MS3000 Series Extruder
  • Preconditioners
  • Coolers & Counterflow Coolers


Extruded Ingredients

When processed through Insta-Pro extruders & oil presses, soybeans and other oilseeds create feed & food ingredients that allow speedier time to market for species like broilers, swine, dairy & layers. When ExPress® soy and Hi-Gel™ corn are introduced into specie diets the feed conversion rate is increased, meaning lower diet costs for producers and healthier animals.

These cost savings and health benefits have been proven via third-party research trials and university & independent studies since 1971.

With ExPress® soy and Hi-Gel™ corn as components in specie diets…

  • Broiler chickens reach market weight 11% or 4.8 days faster.
  • Dairy cows produce 4.5% or 1 more pound of milk per day.
  • Swine consume 24.4 fewer lbs of feed
  • Up to 8% diet cost reduction in laying hens.

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