Insta-Pro International® dry extruders generate heat through friction to accomplish numerous processes including: cooking, expanding, sterilizing, stabilizing, dehydrating and texturizing. The extruders can be either high or medium shear which create various pressures and temperatures resulting in quality nutritional food and feed.

600 Series Extruder

This extruder is a highly cost effective introductory commercial model ideal for producing food and feed ingredients with a low volume output.


  • Sized for community-based processing and university applications
  • Optional side-mount volumetric feeder with agitator
  • Rigid, compact construction
  • CAPACITY: 600 – 800 lbs./hr. (272 – 365 kg./hr.)

*Actual capacities will vary based on die size, raw materials, and processing parameters.

High Shear Dry Extruder

2000 Series Extruder

As Insta-Pro International’s most popular and versatile model, the 2000 extruder can be used independently or paired with an Insta-Pro oil press to make ExPress® products or equipped with steam preconditioners to make feed ingredients or textured proteins.


  • For single or  paired use
  • Wall mount control panel or microprocessor control system
  • Optional side-mount volumetric feeder with agitator
  • Highly cost-effective
  • CAPACITY: 1,300 – 3,840 lbs./hr. (588 – 1,745 kg./hr.)

*Actual capacities will vary based on raw materials and processing parameters.

2000-CG Extruder

High-shear dry extrusion from Insta-Pro International® effectively cooks the starch in cereal grains, making it a highly digestible, high-quality, value-added version of the commodity.


  • Redesigned extruder specific for cereal grains
  • Water injection system
  • Full articulation cutterhead swingarm with particalizer
2000-CG Extruder

9000 Series Extruder

The Insta-Pro International 9000 Series Extruders is best suited for feed ingredients or extruded full-fat soy when equipped with a preconditioner (as shown).


  • Optional side-mount volumetric feeder with agitator
  • Heavy duty construction
  • CAPACITY: 6000-7000 lbs./hr. (2,721 – 3,175 kg./hr.)

* numbers double if processed with addition of steam preconditioner

MS 3000 Extruder

The MS3000, Medium Shear Extruder, is designed for processing shaped products such as pet food and fish feed.  The extruder combined with proper preconditioning allows for flow conditions within the barrel that enhances the final product shape.


  • Improved capacity
  • Requires less drying
  • Wide range of pellets, shapes and sizes
  • CAPACITY: HP: 125
    • Pet food: 1,800 – 3,300 lbs./hr. (818 – 1500 kg./hr.)
    • Fish Feed: 1,500 – 2,200 lbs./hr. (681 – 1,000 kg./hr.)

 *Actual capacities will vary based on die size, raw materials, and processing parameters.

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