Growing Demand Spurs Higher Capacity

higher capacity

At Insta-Pro, our vision is to continuously improve nutrition for the world’s producers of meat, milk, and eggs. As a part of that vision, we are thrilled to introduce the Model 8800 Oil Press to help all processors expand capacity of producing ExPress® soymeal. Coupled with the Model 9000 Extruder, the new production capacity has been more than doubled with a reduced footprint and lower total-cost of ownership per ton produced. This move towards offering higher capacity processing lines is directly related to three key areas that we see continuing to expand this year and beyond.

In the last few years, we have noticed increased interest in new plants and existing customers looking to expand their production capacity. This is driven by increases in demand for ExPress®, the most nutrient-dense soy meal on the market. We have worked with several universities to produce fact-based studies that spotlight the nutritional advantages we create for broilers, layers, swine and dairy cattle. As more livestock producers learn about these advantages, even more will adopt ExPress® and extruded corn as key parts of their feed regimen. One key activity in our plans is to spend more time marketing and promoting these advantages, which, in turn, will contribute to further growth in demand.

As you’ve heard us say before, the animals don’t lie. The productivity gains and reduced feed-to-output ratios speak for themselves. The economic advantages of feeding ExPress® over solvent-extracted soy meal are plentiful. With these large gains to be made, we want the industry to be ready to produce even higher quantities; and that’s where the new combination of the Model 9000 Extruder and Model 8800 Oil Press will help the industry. As for the future, we are continually investing in more university supported feeding trials that prove out the benefits for all species. You can count on us to support the industry with additional scientific based studies.

There is another growing trend that is increasing demand for higher capacity equipment from Insta-Pro, and that is the rising trend of consumers wanting to know more details about how their protein is farmed. ExPress® and extruded corn will become even more attractive as consumers want to understand food company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing additives and solvents in their animal feed. The simple truth about our process is that it starts with natural ingredients going in and ends with the most nutrient dense feed ingredients coming out.

Please let us know what we can do to help answer any of your questions about the new addition to our equipment line-up. Our team can assist you with feasibility studies to determine the right size of production process equipment based on your growth strategies. With the new higher capacity Model 8800 Oil Press and Model 9000 Extruder, and our ongoing commitment to customer success, Insta-Pro is set up to help the animal feed industry nurture every bit of good from oilseeds and grains.

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