Adding Value by Processing Locally Grown Ingredients

I recently visited Sri Lanka to participate in Lanka Livestock, a regional agricultural trade show. Our booth attracted numerous new prospects interested in extrusion technologies as well as current customers.  Many of our current customers came to see us and shared their experience in operating Insta-Pro machinery.

It’s interesting to note that since the late 1960s, when Insta-Pro was founded, the main drivers for our business were farmers and ag businesses that were interested in adding value to locally grown crops with the help of dry extrusion. For many years, soybean and oilseed processing were the main technologies we have offered.  However, over the years we have developed new technologies based on high-shear dry extrusion and we have a very diverse customer base. Below are two examples of customer success in Sri Lanka and Russia.

Our approach showcases the advantages of processing locally grown crops such as canola, grains such as corn, field peas, barley, wheat and so on. By working jointly with one of the major food companies in Sri Lanka, one of our customers developed a new food product based on corn, soybeans, Mung (Green Gram) and rice then adding vitamin premix to the blend. The end product is packaged in approximately 200 gram bags. Business is going quite well and they are planning to double their capacity.

An additional advancement is multiple extrusion line integration.   Here is how a customer in Russia successfully doing this.  The customer owns a swine operation, dairy cattle, feed mill, grain storage, meat and milk processing plants and over 22,000 hectares of land.   Multiple extrusion lines make it so they are able to process the crops they grow resulting in not needing to buy any of the ingredients to feed animals.  The lines include:

  • Animal mortality for feed integration
  • Wheat & barley for starter rations
  • Canola/ field pea blends for grower diets

By processing their own ingredients, they ensure there is consistent quality in the feed.

Send us a message to discover how you can add value to locally grown or locally available ingredients. We will be happy to share our expertise and our customer’s experiences with you.

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