Overcoming Challenges: Collaborating for Success

Recently, I encountered a unique situation during a routine customer visit. I met with the management and technicians at a customer’s facility to discuss any feedback or concerns.

I consider myself and my customers as partners and their success is an extension of our success because their recommendations will ensure more sales and a stronger presence in the marketplace. It was surprising to hear the owner say he was thinking of converting his plant into a solvent plant because he did not think the ExPress® line was as profitable as it could be.

During regular customer visits, it is routine to consult technicians and management on the level of satisfaction with our equipment, training, and the daily operations of their facility. During this visit, we discussed the benefits of extruding chemical-free products and feeding it to the animals by:

  • Providing marketing tools to educate buyers in his market.
  • Retraining technicians to maximize machine output.
  • Explaining the nutritional value of ExPress® compared to solvent-extracted soy meal.
    • 6% residual oil, 92% amino acid digestibility, and 4% savings in diet cost

The owner was very receptive to my recommendations and decided to halt the transformation of his ExPress® plant to a solvent plant for a few months.

Since then, he has been very happy with the results and has increased the production of ExPress® meal. This is a great example of how Insta-Pro stays connected to our customers and supports them with hands-on training, nutritional support, and marketing tools throughout the life of their equipment.



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