Delivering High Quality Feed to Your Broiler Operation

Many broiler producers buy in local ingredients and then mill (grind & mix) and deliver their own feed. Some broiler producers just pick up the phone and order in the feed from a manufacturer of feed and hope the ingredients are fresh and of good of quality. But the best way to ensure a quality ton of feed is to grow the grains and oilseeds and utilize local processing technologies like the Insta-Pro ExPress® system.

From practical experience and support by research, our extrusion technology will produce the highest quality, most digestive proteins, starches, and oils available in the market today. By utilizing our unique high-temperature-short-time cooking method, you can ensure optimum soy protein and starch processing. ExPress® soymeal contains a perfectly distributed, highest digestible fat source that can be ground to match the ideal particle size (micron) of feed that your birds prefer.

What does this mean for the poultry industry?

Producers are currently facing the challenge of high feed prices and the need for the shortest turnaround to reaching market weight. Choosing high-shear dry extruded ingredients for broiler diets offers the advantage to get the quickest time to market and lower feed costs compared to standard diets. According to the results of a study done at Iowa State University testing ExPress® meal and Hi-Gel™ flocks fed high-shear extruded ingredients will gain 7.9 g/bird/day more, allowing them to reach target market weight 4.8 days faster: achieving 1 more uniform flock/barn/year.

The residual oil in ExPress® soy meal also contributes to better broiler performance. A just completed trial at Iowa State, this time testing the oil from ExPress® added to diets, broilers grew 50 more grams while eating 10 less grams of feed in their starter phase. This means the oil in ExPress® alone can improve your FCR by 10% compared to a standard AV blend added to a diet.

Likewise, our new Hi-Gel™ corn can be utilized in improving broiler diets too by delivering a cooked starch feeding option with 12% more available energy than the industry standard ground corn (up to 95% available energy in Hi-Gel™ compared to 83% in ground corn).

No matter how you spin it, our technologies give you the best chance to produce the highest quality feed that can return the most to your bottom line.

To see an example of how a small poultry producer gets the job done completely locally, check out the following page telling their story:  Chicken Farming with the Keets – Canadian Food Focus

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