Practical Uses of 3D Engineering

A previous blog topic discussed the advantages of using 3D software for engineering and other applications.  We here at Insta-Pro have been taking advantage of this technology for quite some time now and are constantly finding new ways to use it.  The biggest advantage that was discussed was the ability to “see” something, whether it be an idea or piece of equipment.  The following is a review of how this technology has helped our team and customers and what impact it could have on you.


Hopefully, by now you’ve been able to view our animations which have been featured on our website and Youtube channel.  These were created by using our software to create a virtual model of the plant as a starting point.  We’ve been able to show the ExPress® process to prospective customers and explain the benefits faster than ever with these.  Customers are able to get a sense of who Insta-Pro is, what we do, and what a potential plant looks like in a matter of seconds.

Virtual Plants

We offer engineering layout services to our customers and are now able to offer virtual plant layouts to them as well.  This will allow our customers to truly “see” their plant and tour it even before construction.  Example layouts are available for review, but custom layouts tailored to the customer’s needs are also available.  Viewing a plant layout virtually has countless advantages.  Potential problems can be mitigated, saving time and money down the road.  Not only does the customer better understand the plant and process, but the ability to communicate to their customers or investors is enhanced as well.

Expanding or investing in a new facility?  If you are, the Insta-Pro engineering team is ready with 3D plan design capabilities to help you “see” your plant very early in the planning process.  CONTACT US

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