Preparing for Equipment Start-Up: What to Plan For

So you recently became the proud owner of new equipment. You heard a lot of positive feedback, saw how it works and how it produces high quality product, so you decided to give it a try.

This purchase was made to benefit your business, so make sure to take the necessary actions to guarantee the results you expect. Something as easy as driving a moped requires knowledge and a driver’s license, not to mention additional gear and maintenance.  Like with the moped, your plant operators will require knowledge and skill.  They can acquire this by receiving proper training from a certified Insta-Pro technician. That being said, your purchase was just the first step of many to become a successful business.

To begin, open up your Start-up Information Manual. The first thing that you will see on your manual is a requirement of readiness of the plant and connection to electricity. You must take into consideration the logistics of shipping raw materials and ensure electricity capacity prior to assembly of your factory.

When installing equipment be sure the pad is level and use isolation pads, because the vibration is the first enemy of bearings. Proper equipment connection to the electricity and conveying networks will avoid many difficulties during start-up and operation. If using water in the production – take care of it in advance. Uninterrupted supply of clean water with required pressure is an important element in the production of fish feed and pet food, TSP, corn-soy blend, etc.

At the start-up, Make sure there are enough raw materials on site to process. This will depend on the equipment purchased and what products you would like to produce. Plan to run the plant at maximum capacity for approximately 8 hours a day and storage for final product.

There are many things you need to do to prepare, but the key point in the project is the people, your operators and managers. They are those who will work together with you to achieve a common goal, they are the members of your team. Caring staff, safety and proper training – are inherent qualities of a successful enterprise.

Don’t rush. In the moment, you can lose the inconspicuous details that later transform into big problems. Carefully analyze the readiness for the launch of production and consult with the experts. At Insta-Pro, our dedicated service team has more than 145 years of combined service expertise. We are always happy to help. We will work together with you to help achieve success & goals.

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