Trade secrets, competitive edge, and the “special sauce”

The world is full of businesses trying to carve their way into the marketplace.  Unique traits, special offerings, and other flashy items are used to differentiate one company from the next.  This is not new by any means.

Many of our customers have created successful businesses by offering varying or unique ingredients to the marketplace.  Some may be based around popular trends in the marketplace such as non-GMO or all-natural products.  Others focus on the benefits of increased egg production or improvements to feed to gain ratios.  Whatever the case may be, the key to a thriving business is offering the customer something unique which they cannot get elsewhere.

Insta-Pro’s success comes from the technically superior advantages of high-shear dry extrusion.  Extruded full fat soy and ExPress® meals are examples of this.  Our unique knowledge and know-how continue to make us successful in an ever-changing environment.  With increased competition, normal strategies are not good enough.  This has forced us to become better and truly understand our competitive advantages.

Maybe the same goes for you and your business?  Find those things that truly make your product unique and emphasize them.  Data is king in the feed industry, so arm yourself accordingly.  Others may claim advantages, but unless there is proof, they are merely words.

At Insta-Pro, we boast an optimized fit for internal components and up to 10x longer parts life compared to our competitors. You can also expect 92% amino acid digestibility, 85% antinutritional factors deactivated and 4% lower diet cost. These data points differentiate us from our competitors.

Success comes from true advantages, not wild advertising.

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