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Kinoti Start-Up

What if investing in initial training at Start-Up and followed up by annual scheduled training and maintenance visits could save you money and help assist you in reaching the ROI you planned for, would you do it?

Services include:

  • Ensure presses are optimized for best residual oil performance
  • Ensure maximum output is being reached from the extruders
  • Retraining of the staff – train new staff
  • Evaluating processes and operation parameters
  • Monitoring monthly operating parameters

We do the Start-Up because we recognize the value in demonstrating that our technology is founded on precision equipment. Put another way; we run a specific set-up in order to get a specific set of measurable results.  This, in turn, ensures consistency in the quality of our finished products and maximum longevity of machine wear parts. All finished products have a target, and this target market requires specific quality guarantees.  The Start-Up is our chance to show you, in a hands-on fashion, how to meet these expectations.

Consider this example:  A producer processing defatted soybean meal for dairy cattle.  To attain optimal by-pass protein (it will have a direct and measurable impact in milk volume and quality) one must cook at a precise temperature (read more here). Residual oil in the defatted meal directly impacts oil to be found in the target cow’s milk. How then does the operator ensure that optimum residual oil is attained at all times?  During Start-Up, we train machine operators on how to attain and maintain this precise temperature.  During a regularly scheduled service visit through our SPP (Service Plus Program) we review current processes and insure employees are running equipment properly.  This is also when we will provide additional training to employees (as needed).

Running Insta-Pro equipment the way it was designed to be run is also key in ensuring that the wear parts last as long as possible. Furthermore, this mitigates against avoidable equipment damage and even impacts on machine operator safety. These are some of the reasons why we attach our warranty to completed commissioning and training.

I have personally witnessed operators that have had no training from us run under capacity, wasting electricity and worse, costing their company a fortune in forgone income from missed sales. We saved one such organization over 2000 Euro a month in electricity alone! We achieved this by training their operators on how to run continuously, constantly, day in day out, every single day at maximum capacity without any risk whatsoever to the equipment.

Contact our sales and service teams would be more than happy to discuss the topic of Start-Up or SPP.

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